Subject Angles And Essay

Something we should do you statistics were possible but don’t write like mains answer but in a lucid way which will bring out the flow of thoughts and statistics being used to substantiate that point right so that is so as I told you divided into paragraphs appropriate words we are writing 50 words mara graph then you can write up to 20 paragraphs then three paragraphs for introduction or two paragraphs for introduction three paragraphs for conclusion there is 15 paragraphs you divided into three or without two or three or four angles depending on what is the number of angles in which you want to write the answer to three important angles right so don’t have it yuri dimension uni-dimensional and keep beating around the same point again and again and try and try and think and analyze it from two three angles. Find more info at Edusson.

See these are points which sir most of you already know the idea is to summarize it so that it reinforces on you and we will try and discuss some five six topics after this theoretical be honest over we will actually try and discuss those five six topics to try NZ again I’m not going to sit and write an essay here that will take one under of us right the idea is what are the ways in which you can analyze and it’s not an exhaustive thing right these are things which I feel but once you go through that you will you also realize the duty these are the areas from which I should analyze and how do I say my essay right so I analyze it from two three boring angles how an Indian I mean focus primarily on India right even if capitalism capitalism will it have inclusive growth or not don’t elaborate three points on how us is a very in equal society the writing the Indian Civil Service example right not for United States of America or China you can always have an international approach to summarize you should say how capitalism has benefited India what are the then when you write the issues you say what are the issues because of capitalism in India and then you can international approach saying that this is not something.

Because capitalism it can lead to inclusive growth as my money is asking if I’m an Indian perspective Indian perspective this problem is not supposed you know isolated only to India as it can be seen world over there is no right even in the Western developed countries including the USA and the Western European countries there is an element of inequality which are scripted it is the effect of globalization that has swept throughout the world and there is there is this there is this movement to have a protectionist approach which is reflective of the fact that capitalism has probably not delivered the inclusive dough that it is expected to deliver you can bring one or two depending on the topic women empowerment last day was asked right you should pay about about Indian women development you can always give one two paragraphs to give an international perspective so that you know it is not monotonous but Bourne kvitko latest don’t write about ills of capitalism in us that is not what is expected out of you so primarily keep an Indian approach but always have one or two paragraphs on an international basis.