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Esther Schlorholtz, Senior Vice President, Boston Private Bank & Trust Company

“Boston Private Bank highly values its membership and involvement in the Massachusetts Community & Banking Council. We gain new market insights, develop new business opportunities and, most importantly, continue to be involved in the cutting edge issues that affect community reinvestment. MCBC offers a remarkable forum for bankers and community representatives to discuss significant issues affecting our communities in affordable housing, mortgage lending, small business lending and banking services. MCBC gives us an opportunity to respond in a positive and constructive way to challenges we mutually face.”

Donna Haynes, CRA Officer, Central Bank, Somerville

“MCBC has given me the opportunity to meet and work with a variety of municipal agencies and non-profits on affordable housing and mortgage lending issues. I know that, with the assistance of MCBC, Central Bank will continue to serve its community well.”

Thomas Hollister, President and CEO, Citizens Bank of Massachusetts

“MCBC brings together community leaders and bankers to work side-by-side on the very important issues of affordable housing, economic development, mortgage lending and retail banking services. MCBC is uniquely constituted, has a strong tradition of collaboration and success, and is an effective forum for positive change.”


Mark Primeau, Executive Vice President, Eastern Bank

“At Eastern Bank, we have found the small business report to be of significant value in studying the effectiveness of our small business lending initiatives and our penetration of the marketplace, particularly low and moderate-income communities.”

“The MCBC small business report is the only resource that brings together statistics and insightful analysis and helps us assess our competitive position in the important small business market. Evaluation of our small business responsibilities under CRA has also been significantly enhanced.”

“The MCBC small business report alone is worth the price of membership.”

David Harris, Executive Director, Fair Housing Center of Greater Boston

“The various reports issued by MCBC are invaluable to non-profit organizations such as the Fair Housing Center. We do not have the resources to analyze the myriad data available and necessary for assessing and improving the performance of banks in meeting their CRA obligations. Perhaps more important, the MCBC analyses are so well done and objective that, in keeping with the very mission of MCBC, its publications provide a common ground for discussions between banks and non-profits to pursue shared interests.”


Steven L. Antonakes, Massachusetts Commissioner of Banks

“The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has often been at the forefront of many consumer issues. The Basic Banking for Massachusetts program continues in this leadership role by making affordable banking products available to all citizens of the Commonwealth. The Division of Banks is proud to be part of this effort through its continued support of Basic Banking for Massachusetts. This program provides an excellent example of a successful collaboration between community groups and financial institutions to meet the banking needs of all citizens of the Commonwealth, particularly low and moderate-income individuals.”


Carol Martinez, Director of Housing, City of Chelsea

“The ‘Don’t Borrow Trouble’ campaign is an important part of the City of Chelsea’s effort to keep our neighborhoods stable during difficult economic times. The commitment from the lending community to participate in this program is invaluable. With this kind of public/private partnership, we should be able to prevent many of our residents from losing their most valuable asset – the equity in their homes.”

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