How to Become a Freelance Writer

Being a freelance writer can be a lucrative and exciting career; this job allows a person to work at his or her convenience and in his or home. That is a dream job for many, but a person needs to do a lot of work before becoming a freelance writer. The first thing that a person needs to do is to make sure that he or she has a talent and passion for writing because pursuing something that one does not have a talent or drive for will surely lead to disappointment and failure. A person also needs to make sure that he or she has the right education, the right work experience, knows how to promote his or her work, and network with other people.

Education Background/Training

A person that wants to become a freelance writer needs to make sure that he or she has the right education and training for the craft. While having a degree in journalism or English is ideal, it is often not required to be a successful essay writer. However, a person should try to take some English and journalism classes to get familiar with different styles of writing and to improve in spelling and grammar. It is always good to be under the supervision of an instructor.The person should also try to write in his or her spare time as often as possible because this will also help a person improve his or her writing.

Work Experience

Just like all other jobs, freelance writing requires experience to be successful at it. A person serious about a career in freelance writing should be taking opportunities to write every chance he or she gets, and the earlier a person gets started is the better. For example, a student that is still in high school or college should try writing for the school paper and adults should try submitting their work to a local newspaper. This will help gain experience and it will also give a person a chance to receive feedback in his or her writing.

Promoting Writing

This a great way for a novice writer to break into the freelance world. All serious writers should have their own personal website and/or blog. This allows an individual to showcase his or her work, get his or her name out there, and allows people to see the personality of the writer.


It is always good to talk to someone that has been where you are trying to go. Social networking sites make it possible for people to network with freelance writers. This also a way to receive constructive criticism from professionals and get tips on how to become a better writer. Networking is also a way for those who desire a career in freelance writing to communicate with those who want the same. This is a great way to build a support group and long lasting friendships with other writers.

Additional Advice

Even after all the above is completed, it can still be hard to break into the freelance writing world. There is a lot of the competition out there and one will be up against the best of the best writers. A person might get denied from several freelance writing jobs, but one should not let that discourage him or her. The best thing to do is to be diligent, be persistent, keep a positive attitude, keep working hard and keep knocking on doors. Eventually, one will be opened and it will be the beginning of a fantastic career and all of the hard work will pay off financially and most importantly, with personal satisfaction.