Freelance Writing Jobs for a Home Business, Best Advice Found Here!

Freelance writing jobs are easier to find now than ever before. The internet has made it easier to find all kinds of home based jobs. But, many of the ads for “typing from home” are nothing more than scams. Asking some simple questions will help you find a real job and avoid the scams.

What does it cost?

A company should not charge you a fee to do work for them. If there is a fee attached to a program you are considering, you should find out what you are really paying for. There are some services that act as intermediaries between employers and contractors. They provide a payment solution for the employer and a list of available projects for the freelancer.

It might be worth signing up with that kind of service in order to find good freelance writing jobs as long as the monthly fee is not too high. But, remember this. You are getting paid less, because the employer is paying the service.

What is the rate of pay?

This is something that you would ask when applying for a traditional job. Most “real” employers fully explain the salary or hourly rate, as well as other types of compensation such as health insurance or paid vacations.

Many companies that offer home based jobs talk about your earning “potential”. You should take a moment to be skeptical if you see that word.

One of the websites advertising under the heading of “typing from home for money” says that all is required of you is to fill out some simple forms. Supposedly, you are filling out these forms for other advertisers. But, the site does not explain how much you make per hour or how you get paid. You have to sign up for the program in order to learn more.

Maybe it’s legit, but it could be a scam. Always read the fine print and never provide your credit card information until you are sure that the program is a worthwhile investment.

Some freelance writing jobs pay well. How much you can earn may depend on how much you can write in a day’s time. If you are not a “bulk writer”, you might not make that much.

When is payment made?

One of the biggest risks of typing from home for others is that once you send them a document, you can’t get it back. You might not be able to collect the promised fee. Many freelancers have been ripped off by unethical individuals and companies.

On the other hand, a legitimate company cannot be expected to pay in full for something that they might never get. Since most of these home based jobs are done by way of telecommuting or email, sending payment in advance is risky.

If this is a true contract for typing from home, you can ask for half of the money in advance. Most companies will expect that.

Do I need to be an expert?

Some of the best freelance writing jobs are for people that are experts in their field. So before you apply for a job, put together a resume that proves you are an expert. You might get more requests than you can handle.